Commercial & Domestic Drain Repair

With over 35+ years experience, Fastfix are proud to serve Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. We know how disruptive a broken or blocked drain can be to your home or business.

If you’ve got a persistant or reoccuring plumbing or drainage issue, you may need to get a drain repair. The qualified and expert team here at Fastfix can perform a number of drain repair services, from routine drain repair services, no-dig techniques and drainage system excavations.

Drain Repair Maintenance Works & Routine Drain Repair Services


If we are called out to clear a blockage, we can also find the root cause of the blockage, and carry out routine repairs in order to prevent the problem from reoccurring again in the future. At Fastfix, we carry all the latest equipment on call outs, so that we can resolve common and routine problems while on-site. This can save booking another plumbing appointment. We can also do these routine drain repairs if we spot an issue during a commercial or domestic CCTV Survey. 

Our engineers and vans are fully equipped to deal with the following drain repairs;

  • Root cutting
  • Mass scale – Descaling
  • Concrete cutting
  • Fat and Grease removal
  • Gutter cleaning

No Dig Drain Repair


Drain Relining

At Fastfix we are experts in no dig drain repair technologies such as drain lining, drain relining, local lining and pipe bursting. For Pitch fibre pipe, we can also carry out re-rounding.


Cost Effective Option Drain Repair

These drain repair techniques can often avoid the need to more costly and disruptive excavations.


Drain Lining Work

Drain lining is an approved repair technique by the WRC (Water Research Council) and is often a quick solution, providing long-term repair to damaged drains.

Drain lining can be used at domestic and commercial properties and can cure problems like leaking pipes, open joints, root intrusion and holes in pipes, and sometimes even partially collapsed pipes.

Often pipes that have been lined are said to last over 100 years if installed correctly by highly trained drainage engineers.

Drain Excavation


Often the cause of a blocked drain and blocked drainage pipes is an underlying problem. If the problem can’t be resolved using no-dig technologies then a drain excavation may be required. During drain excavations we will trace and locate the problem area and dig down to solve the issue, often by replacing the pipe with new or sectional repair.

At Fastfix we are experienced in all types of excavation, locations and depths. Excavations should only be undertaken be trained and experienced drainage engineers. If you have been quoted for drainage works, we are happy to provide you with cost comparison quotation. So, get in contact today.

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Drain Repair FAQs

What is a Drain Repair?
A drain repair is fixing a damaged drain. A drain repair consists of finding the cause of the problem and using the correct solution for the issue. Some drainage problems are annoying but fairly quick and easy to solve, while others may require more investigation and more complex fixes.
How can I reduce the chance of my drains needing repairs?

All drains will be subject to wear and tear over time, which will eventually require repairs. However there are a few things you can do to minimise damage to your drains. For instance, we’ve written a blog post on the common causes of clogged drains and how to prevent them.


If you run a business, we also offer a bespoke commercial pre-planned Maintenance service which will pro-actively look at your drains in order to help prevent future issues before they build up.

Can you repair drains without digging them up?
Here at Fastfix we are experts in no-dig drain repairs!
What happens if my drain repair is an emergency?

We offer a 24 hour emergency plumbing service in Bristol and the surrounding areas for any urgent repair needs.

How much does it cost to repair a collapsed Drain?
This depends on many factors, such as the extent of the damage or repair. Contact us for a fast, no-obligation quote.
Can I fix my drain myself?
While some less serious drain repairs are possible to be fixed yourself, we’d always recommend calling a professional, qualified and experienced plumber. This is because there may be a deeper root cause of the issue which you may not be aware of, and it could cause bigger problems down the line.

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