Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Emergency plumbing repairs in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Call us now on 0117 466 8115.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair in Bristol and Bath

Whatever drainage problem you are experiencing, whether it’s a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, our experienced and professional FastFix plumbers are always on hand to fix any issues as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We have many years of experience with emergency drain unblocking and repair in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. If you are experiencing an urgent drainage emergency, our drainage engineers are available 24/7 to carry out any repairs with minimal disruption.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs For Homes


24-Hour Support

Problems can happen in your plumbing system when you least expect them, whether it’s at the weekend, at night or during the busy festive period. Luckily, your Fastfix local engineer is always on hand to deal with any drainage emergencies you have whatever the time of day, whatever the time of year.

Professional Plumbing Engineers

When plumbing or drainage goes wrong, the problems can escalate very quickly. What might start as a small leak can cause serious damage if you do not have expert assistance on hand to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our emergency plumbing service can deal with everything from dripping taps and leaking cisterns to burst pipes and floods.


Common Emergency Plumbing Problems:

  • Blocked drains
  • Leaking pipes
  • Tap, stopcock, ball valve and syphon repair or replacement
  • Toilet, sink and bath blockages
  • No hot water
  • Wastewater or sewage backing up into your property
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Blocked soakaways and septic tanks
  • Flooded properties

Emergency Plumbing FAQs


When should I call an emergency plumber?

You should call an emergency plumber as soon as your issue arises, whether it’s a burst pipe, a blocked drain or flooding. The long you leave an issue, the worse it can get, especially when it comes to water damage and flooding in your home. Trying to fix the issue yourself could end up exacerbating the problem, which is why it’s recommended to call out an expert. Our FastFix engineers have many years of experience and expertise, utilising the right equipment, including CCTV drain survey cameras to identify and fix drainage issues.

How long does it take a plumber to fix a burst pipe?

How long it takes for a plumber to fix a burst pipe will depend on a range of factors, including what’s caused the burst, how easy the stopcock can be accessed and how large the scale of the problem is. After assessing the issue, an engineer should be able to give you a time estimate.

How much is an emergency plumber?

The cost of an emergency plumber depends on a number of factors, including the day and time of the callout, as well as how big the issue is and what requires fixing. A bigger issue will take longer and cost more, whilst a smaller-scale plumbing emergency would cost less.

Are emergency plumbers more expensive?

Because of the call-out times and the short notice required, emergency plumbers will be more expensive than regular plumbers. However, by using an emergency plumber you can stop the issue quicker, ensuring there is minimal water waste and that there is less damage as a result of any issues you might face. This in turn can mean that an emergency plumber would be a cost-effective solution to prevent costly repair costs.

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