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Professional Moling Services in Bristol and the South West


Moling, also known as trenchless technology, is an advanced method used in plumbing and drainage projects to install underground pipes without the need for extensive excavation. Moling allows plumbers and drainage companies to efficiently and effectively install or repair underground utilities with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

This technique involves using a pneumatic piercing tool, commonly referred to as a mole, to create a tunnel through the soil. Moling is highly valued for its ability to minimise surface disruption, reduce project time, and lower costs compared to traditional trench-digging methods. It is particularly useful in urban areas, where preserving existing infrastructure and landscaping is a priority.

Types of Moling Services 

  • Domestic Moling
  • Commercial Moling
  • Impact Moling

    Benefits of Moling Services

    Minimal DisruptionTraditional trenching can be highly disruptive, affecting landscaping, driveways, and traffic. Moling requires only small entry and exit pits, preserving the surrounding area.

    Cost-EffectiveBy reducing the need for extensive excavation and restoration, moling is a more affordable option for installing underground utilities.

    Environmentally FriendlyThis method reduces soil displacement and the impact on the local ecosystem, making it a greener alternative to conventional trenching.

    Speed and EfficiencyMoling can be completed faster than traditional methods, minimising the time and inconvenience for property owners.

    Versatile ApplicationsIdeal for installing water pipes, gas lines, electrical conduits, and communication cables, moling is suitable for a variety of projects.

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    The Moling Process:

    Assessment and Planning
    • Conduct a thorough survey of the site to understand the layout, soil conditions, and any potential obstacles.
    • Identify and map existing underground utilities to avoid interference and ensure safety.
    • Project design
    • Equipment set up
    • Excavate small entry and exit pits
    Moling & Pipe Installation
    • Start soil displacement with the mole
    • Inspect the tunnel 
    • Guide the new pipes through the tunnel, ensuring it is properly aligned and positioned
    Connection and Testing
    • Connect the new pipe to the existing plumbing or drainage system, ensuring all joints are secure and leak-proof.
    • Conduct thorough testing of the new pipe installation to check for leaks, blockages, and proper flow.
    Site Restoration & Cleanup
    • Fill in the entry and exit pits with excavated soil
    • Restore the site to its original condition as much as possible, including repairing any disturbed landscaping or paving.
    • Pack away all tools
    Final Inspection and Documentation
    • Perform a final inspection to ensure the project meets all specifications and regulatory requirements.
    • Handover of any documents including plans, permits and testing results

    Why Choose Fastfix Drainage & Plumbing

    Expert Team: Our trained technicians have extensive experience in impact moling, ensuring precise and reliable installations.

    Advanced Equipment: We use state-of-the-art moling equipment to deliver top-quality results for every project.

    Comprehensive Service: From planning to execution, we manage the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

    Approved Contractors by WIAPS and Watersafe

    Areas we serve

    Fastfix cover the following locations for Moling Services:

    • Bristol
    • Bath 
    • Weston-Super-Mare
    • Somerset
    • Cardiff & South Wales
    • Exeter
    • Gloucestershire
    • Wiltshire
    • Dorset
    • Hampshire

    Moling FAQs

    What types of projects can benefit from moling?

    Moling is ideal for installing water pipes, gas lines, electrical conduits, and drainage systems, especially in urban or landscaped areas.

    Is moling suitable for all soil types?

    Moling is effective in many soil types, including clay, sand, and loam, but may be less effective in rocky or heavily compacted soils.

    How long does a moling project take?

    Project duration varies based on the length and complexity of the installation, but moling is generally faster than traditional trenching methods.

    Is moling environmentally friendly?

    Yes, moling is considered environmentally friendly due to its minimal disturbance to the surface and reduced need for extensive excavation.

    What is the cost comparison between moling and traditional trenching?

    Moling is often more cost-effective than traditional trenching due to reduced labour, shorter project times, and less restoration work.

    Can moling be used in residential areas?

    Yes, moling is particularly useful in residential areas to avoid disrupting driveways, gardens, and lawns.

    Do you need permits for moling projects?

    Permits may be required, depending on local regulations and the scope of the project. It’s important to check with local authorities before starting – here at Fastfix, we will do this before starting the project

    Is moling noisy?

    Moling generates some noise, primarily from the air compressor and the mole’s operation, but it is generally less disruptive than traditional trenching.

    Can moling be used for repairs, or is it only for new installations?

    Moling can be used for both new installations and repairs of existing underground utilities.

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