Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance

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Minimise Risk To Your Property With Our Pre-Planned Maintenance Service

 As a business owner, you should make getting your commercial drainage systems maintained and serviced a top priority in order to prevent any unwanted drainage issues from occurring. Just as you would get an annual boiler service, having a drain service for your business is a good way to keep on top of your drainage system and will end up potentially saving you the need for costly repairs further down the line. Minimise the risk of encountering drainage issues for your place of work and contact us to discuss our pre-planned maintenance plans.

Bespoke PPM Drainage Plans

Our pre-planned maintenance (PPM) plans are completely bespoke for each of our commercial clients. We will discuss your specific business needs and requirements through an assessment and a site survey where we can then build a tailored PPM plan to meet those requirements. Our assessment will include understanding the number of people at your business site, the type of business you have, which work you carry out and the working hours of your business. As you can imagine a busy restaurant will have different needs to a factory or warehouse, which is why each PPM plan is completely tailored to our customer’s needs.

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Why have your drains serviced annually?


  • You can prevent blockages before they happen
  • You can save on costly and inconvenient call outs
  • You can fix problem areas before they get worse and really expensive to repair!
  • You will lower the chance of flooding and serious damage
  • You will have a engineer that knows your site inside out so can solve problems quickly

How Our Pre-Planned Maintenance Plans Work.

Our highly reliable and accredited PPM drainage plans will often include:

  1. CCTV drain survey, which will help us to first detect any blockages, cracked drains, bellied pipes or any other potential issues that are present.
  2. A clean and flush of your entire business’s drain system to remove built-up oils, greases or any other debris or issues detected from the CCTV survey.
  3. Any other specific servicing which can be drawn up when we build the bespoke PPM plan. 

Ultimately, our PPM service will keep your drains flowing and help to ensure that your pipes and sewers stay clean and clear of any built-up debris which runs the risk of drain blockages. Many of our commercial customers are already benefiting from our professional pre-planned maintenance plans, and you could be too. To discuss a tailored commercial pre-planned maintenance agreement, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.

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Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance FAQs

How often should commercial plumbing and drainage systems be inspected and maintained?

The frequency of maintenance depends on the specific system, but it is typically done annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, depending on usage and needs.

What does Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance typically include?

It may involve services such as inspections, cleaning, jetting, video camera inspections, leak detection, and preventive repairs to address potential issues.

Can Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance save my business money in the long run?

Yes, it can significantly reduce the cost of emergency repairs and downtime while extending the lifespan of plumbing and drainage systems.

Is Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance necessary even if my plumbing and drainage systems seem fine?

Yes, because many issues are not immediately visible, and early detection can prevent minor problems from becoming major and costly ones.

What are the potential risks of neglecting Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance?

Neglect can lead to issues like clogs, leaks, sewage backups, and even structural damage to your building, resulting in expensive repairs and operational disruptions.

Can Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance help with sustainability and water conservation?

Yes, regular maintenance can identify and address water wastage issues, such as leaks, and promote sustainable water usage practices.

How much does Commercial Pre-Planned Maintenance cost?

Costs can vary depending on the size and complexity of the system, frequency of maintenance, and the service provider. It’s best to request a customized quote.

Is there a best time to schedule maintenance for plumbing and drainage in my commercial property?

Maintenance can be scheduled during periods of low activity, such as weekends or evenings, to minimize disruptions to your business operations.

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