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What Is A CCTV Survey


Dont Delay, Get A fastfix Survey Today!

CCTV surveys allows us to find out what is happening with your drainage system, this is vital when you are suffering with repeat blockages or we are facing a stubborn blockage, we use the latest CCTV equipment that allows us the view the problem while on site, we can also electronically r=trace the location of the issue if required
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Often drains can be clogged with all sorts items such as fats and grease, roots and other foreign objects, CCTV and tracing equipment can also help us detect more serious problems such a collapsed drains or breakages
By being able to see the problem we can then use the correct and most cost-effective method to resolve the issues found. All our Fastfix engineers come fully equipped with a CCTV unit and location tracing equipment available.

Commercial CCTV Survey

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At Fastfix we have a wealth of experience in surveying for commercial clients, We think its important to work with our clients to ensure they get the quality information they need
We understand the level of details required on commercial surveys and can work to your specification. Often we would like to carry out a free of charge site visit to provide an accurate quotation, we understand this is always possible so we can also quote from plans if available or provide a half day and full day rate, please call us now to discuss you’re Commercial survey needs.

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Our office is based in Bristol and we have trained engineers in all areas, so our engineers are never too far away when you need them
For complete peace of mind, all our engineers are fully trained to the highest industry standards and work with the highest professional standards and a friendly and helpful nature.

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