Drain Repair no dig

A Smart ‘No Dig’ Option

Drain Repair Using No Dig Technologies


A Smart ‘No Dig’ Option

At Fastfix we are experts in “No dig” technologies such as drain lining, local lining and pipe bursting and for Pitch fibre pipe, re rounding . These drain repair techniques can often avoid the need to more costly and disruptive excavations.
Drain lining is often a quick solution and is long term repair to damages drains, drain lining can be used at domestic and commercial properties and can cure problems like leaking pipes, open joints, root intrusion and holes in pipe and sometimes even partially collapsed pipes!
Drain lining is an approved repair technique by the WRC (Water research council) and often pipes that have been lined are said to last over 100 years if installed correctly by highly trained drainage engineers!

Available 24/7

Drainage and plumbing services include:

  • 24/7 drain unblocks
  • 24/7 plumbing repairs
  • Leaks detection and repairs
  • Maintenance
  • CCTV surveys
  • Cleaning and descaling
  • Foul and storm water drainage
  • Domestic and Commercial work
  • Toilet repairs and replacements
  • Drain and plumbing repairs

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We gained a fantastic reputation in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. We provide our customers high quality work, professional and reliable service.
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