There are many common problems you may experience over the lifetime of owning your toilet. While some problems are straightforward DIY fixes, many others may require an expert. 

This article will take you through the most common toilet problems and whether you can fix them yourself, or if you should call a plumber to fix the issue for you. 

Do I Need a Plumber or Can I Fix It Myself?

The short answer is that it depends on the issue. Many people have picked up small plumbing skills over the years in their lifetime, allowing them to fix some common toilet problems themselves. An example could be, unblocking a toilet, fixing a sink leak or replacing a shower head. These are all small, quick tasks that can be done by following a YouTube tutorial or reading a DIY plumbing article

On the other hand, other problems are much more complicated to fix. They may require a professional with specific tools and knowledge the average person with no plumbing experience doesn’t have. That’s when we recommend hiring a drainage and plumbing specialist

What are some common problems with a toilet?

There are multiple common issues that we tend to see with toilets. A few are: 

  • a clogged toilet
  • a cracked toilet bowl
  • low water pressure
  • a deteriorated flapper valve

List Of The Most Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix them

Clogged Toilet 

A clogged toilet is a straightforward, easy fix which you can likely do yourself without having to call a plumber. The most common way is to use a plunger. A plunger will create a seal at the opening of the toilet, when the handle is moved up and down, the pressure of the water will move up and down, unclogging the toilet. 

Some products tend to block toilets so it’s wise to avoid flushing them. Avoid flushing wipes, cotton balls or swabs, dental floss, plasters or bandages, feminine products and using too much toilet paper. 

Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet is a serious issue so it’s recommended that you call a plumber if you can’t diagnose and fix the leak yourself. A leaking toilet can cause damage to walls and flooring as well as cause huge water wastage, increasing your monthly water bill. 

There are a few issues that could be causing your toilet to leak, such as a cracked toilet bowl, loose or damaged bolts, damaged pipes, or high water pressure. 

Regular maintenance for your toilet is the best way to prevent future leaks. This can be done by frequently checking for any damage and cleaning the components of your toilet. 

If you have a leaking toilet, Fast Fix Drainage and Plumbing offer leak detection services in the South West. 

Replacing a Toilet  

Thankfully, a toilet doesn’t need to be replaced very often, as they usually last around 10-15 years. Replacing a toilet isn’t an easy, straightforward task. It requires expertise, knowledge and experience. That’s why you are better off calling an expert plumber. 

Toilets are complex and like when trying anything for the first time, mistakes and failures are likely to happen. You risk damaging the toilet and increasing the risk of errors such as leaks or improper placement of the toilet flange. 

How much does a plumber cost to fix a toilet in the UK?

Like most businesses, the cost depends on various factors for different businesses. Factors such as level of experience, distance of travel, business rates, and complexity of the job, will all play a part in how much it will cost. Most plumbing businesses charge around £60-£100 to fix a toilet, depending on the factors above. 


When faced with an issue with your toilet, a plumbing and drainage expert is always going to be your safest option to sort out any issue without making it worse. That being said, smaller problems can be resolved by yourself if you know how to do so. 

If your problem is urgent, we offer emergency plumbing repairs and maintenance so don’t hesitate to contact us